Star Wars Legion @ The Houston Gaming Expo 2023

Win a World Championship Invite!



5/19/20231 min read

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Join us July 15-16, 2023 at the Houston Gaming Expo, located at the legendary George R Brown Convention Center in the heart of Downtown Houston, Texas!

This will be a 32 player event with a World Championship Invite as the ultimate prize.

Big thank you to Montag's Games for partnering with HGX and assisting with Prize Support (be sure to visit them in Pearland, TX while you are in town!).

Please send any questions regarding the event to: .

NOTE: All players will be required to purchase a weekend pass for the Houston Gaming Expo (link attached above) in order to participate. There will NOT be any additional charges/purchases necessary in order to play in this event.

Register today here!:

(Player Packet will be uploaded at a later date.)

Good Luck, Have Fun!