Q: What is the purpose/mission of this website?
A: We want this website to have a threefold purpose:

To help existing players find, cultivate, and enrich their gaming community by connecting .

TO support, promote, and help players discover local game stores that graciously provide us with a place to play and product to aquire.

To unite players in the friendly spirit of competition by promoting large competitive events and encourage event organizers to diversify and embrace the greater table top wargaming community of houston.

Q: Can my store or other information Added to/removed from a page?
A: Absolutely, please send us a note via the "contact us" page and your request will be handled appropriately. for requests regarding store information, we please ask that the store owner or similar individual sends this request.

Q: Hey, I know of a big event coming up but its not on the calendar!?
A: Please please send us a note via the "contact us" page for our review and we will post the event to the calendar if appropriate.