New Releases for June 2024 - Magic, Warhammer, and More!

Find out the newest releases for table top games for the month of June 2024.



6/17/20241 min read

New Releases for June 2024!

Welcome to the June 2024 edition of the monthly releases! Magic gets a new set that is bound to make waves in almost every format, and Warhammer gets a ton of support for Battlesisters and Genestealers!

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Magic the Gathering

· June 14, 2024 - Modern Horizons 3

Pokemon TCG

· No releases for June 2024

Star Wars Legion

· No releases for June 2024

Star Wars Shatterpoint

· Never Tell Me the Odds Mission Pack – June 7, 2024

Real Quiet Like Squad Pack – June 7, 2024

Today the Rebellion Dies Squad Pack – June 7, 2024

Star Wars Unlimited

· No releases for June 2024

Warhammer 40K

· June 16, 2024 - Warhammer 40K Killteam: Termination

· June 23, 2024 - Adepta Sororitas Codex, Battleforce Army of Faith, Combat Patrol Adepta Sororitas, Codex: Genestealer Cults, Battleforce Biosanctic Broodsurge, Combat Patrol Genestealer Cults, Big Mek.

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